Player Primer

Welcome to Cynosure

The Cynosure campaign takes place primarily in the city state of Cynosure, a sprawling, run-down, metropolis with a shadowed history of former glory. In this open ended campaign players develop with the city and its challenges and glories. The campaign will be run in the Pathfinder setting but a separate world, giving me the discretion to keep, toss, or add what I like.

Character Creation

Player characters represent exceptional people aka heroes in the city. With capabilities well past those of the common city dwellers. While being exceptional this doesn’t mean pcs are the toughest hombres in town, far from it. With this in mind we will be using a 30 point, point buy character generation found in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. Characters will begin at level 2 with a max hit points. All basic character races and classes from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook and the Advanced Players Guider are available. In addition a home brewed Warforged is an available race.

When creating characters keep in mind the vast majority of the game will take place in a urban setting. It won’t always be appropriate to be carrying your great axe or wearing full plate. Not to say you can’t use these items or that they are useless just imagine dressing for the occasion.


Characters will have to develop some what of a background. All characters are tied in some way or shape to the Joy House, for the sake of the story. While the backgrounds are there to add depth to the campaign, the characters backgrounds will represent benefits to the characters. Affiliations with areas or groups within the city are not only ok but welcomed.

Characters will have five background points to put in various options at creation and will be able to gain background points as the campaign progresses. Gaining the use of new background points will require some role-playing rather than instant gratification in the sense of feats/ability points.

Background Options

  • Resources: Represents wealth and shelter available in the city.
  • Contacts: Gives you a powerful or resourceful contact in the city.
  • Fame/Infamy: Represents a certain amount of fame or infamy you have in the city.
  • Influence: Represents a amount of influence you have over one area/social group in the city.
  • Family: Represents being from a powerful, rich, or influential family.

All characters will also have a basic knowledge of the city. To represent this knowledge: Cynosure will be a in class skill for all characters.


Character alignments will not be used, Cynosure is a varied city which requires a depth of character behavior that may not fit in one specific box. With this in mind its all right to be guided by a set of ethics or moral codes but don’t let it define your character.

Game Time

For the sake of argument let assume everyone has had a mediocre to bad role play experience at some point in there nerd history. The Cynosure campaign is meant to be an open setting and less of a guided experience, with this in mind player cooperation, with each other and the DM, is going to be necessary to keep the campaign rolling in a forward direction. Try to develop a character who will avoid infighting, having characters argue and have different view points is fine, just don’t let it define the party or the campaign. There will be plenty of real adversaries to take on in your fellows players place.

Equipment and Resources

The Cynosure campaign will vary between high and low fantasy as it runs its course. In terms of equipment and loot you will find and be able to purchase magical items. Purchase will be limited based upon your characters backgrounds and skill set. Getting exact magical equipment you are looking for will be non-trivial and may take some time based upon the level of power and specificity.

Also due to the corrupt nature of the city flaunting expensive magical equipment at all times could bring consequences on the party. Not to say that you can’t, just expect unwanted attention.

The Story So Far…

A quick read of Cynosure The City is as good a place to start as any. The story, at least initially, is centered around the Safety Zone. A very small area in town that surrounds the Joy House. It run by Crass and Sadler two exceeding dangerous men who are responsible for the relative safety of the Safety Zone. Due to its neutrality and safety it has become a location of clandestine meet ups and trading, with the Joy House taking a small cut when money is changing hands. Recently however turmoil is growing in the city, this turmoil has even started to effect the Safety Zone. In order to deal with this, Crass and Sadler are calling in friends and debts to help stabilize the Safety Zone. All characters currently are holding a debt or are friends with C & S, and have been called to a meeting where their plans will hopefully be divulged.

Thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy the game.
Your DM and infallible master, Josh

Player Primer

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