Cynosure The City

Cynosure is a sprawling, rundown, metropolis. Inside its boundaries the population counts in the millions. The city is “run” by various noble houses, constantly vying for power. While the politics are complex they are virtually unnoticed by the majority of the populace, one pompous fool rule as opposed to another. The city is in all actuality run by various organizations. The largest of which being a criminal syndicate.

Cynosure Statistics.

Population Unknown (numbering over 100,000 and growing).

Demographics Slightly over 50% human while the rest is countless other races primarily dwarves, elves, and warforged.

Climate Moderate. Prominent monsoon season marks the coming of winter.

Government Noble house system. Appointed government officials actually run state. Entirely human run city-state. Causing some issues.

Locations of Interest

The Hill Home to the rich and noble. Overlooking the city each manor is a well guarded fortress. The entire area is well patrolled. The only incidents of criminal activity are when houses feud.

The Tender The most corrupt part of town. Any need can be filled for a price. Run by criminal syndicate. Most dangerous part of town no local authorities are present.

Safety Zone Run by Crass and Sadler a safe part of town. Used as a neutral meeting ground by many in the city. Centered around The Joy House.

Bend Also known as “The Docks”. Main shipping method for city due to dangerous land routes.
Run by smugglers and corrupt officials, dangerous part of town.

The Bledsoe City run hospital. Bad news to end up there, specifically the mental institute.

The Wards Police run prison. Hasn’t been updated in generations. Hopelessly corrupt.

God’s Row Location for all local churches. Hundreds of religions represented ranked by number of worshipers in the city. Too few worshipers leads to removal from God’s Row.

The Warrens Rests on top of part of Old Cynosure. Home to many of the more unsavory races, primarily goblins. Not considered by most as part of the city, goblin and other races considered pest problem too big to clean up.

Old Cynosure The city has been built and rebuilt over itself. While the center of the city remained mostly whole the outskirts seem to be rebuilt from ruins.

Dimensional Shifts

The city is said to shift on a daily basis. Walking across the city would mean walking through the cosmos. Crossing a street you find the same city but as part of another plane making the city a universal hub. It is fabled the city still periodically shifts though there hasn’t been a recorded one in hundreds of years. No one knows why the city shifted or why it seems to have stopped.

The War

Up to the most recent generation the city-state of cynosure was at war over territory to the south. The territory was resource rich and contended by the southern country of Arentine. A draft was a fact of life for human males in Cynosure for generations. Just recently the draft was ceased meaning increased human populations as well as a lack of jobs and following unrest. The unrest was furthered by the fact the draft was limited to human males, due to the human run government and race organization.
Cynosure currently has a peace treaty with Arentine and possession of the territory. Though the local people have started small uprising signifying new unrest in the area.

Crime Syndicate and Other Organizations

The Syndicate Criminal organization in charge of most of the sin found in Cynosure. Currently run by Chodo and colleague of Crass and Sadler. The syndicate has unspoken agreements with both the authorities and the Safety Zone.

Crass and Saddler Ex-syndicate higher ups. Dangerous as they come and the current reason for the relative safety of the safety zone. Operators and owners of the Joy House.

Locale Authorities Known commonly as the “Red Tops” due to their signature red caps worn by field officers. A fair percent of officers are as corrupt as the city they protect. There are honest factions within the organization vying for control. There is also supposedly a secret branch of the Red Tops that perform under cover operations. Rarely interact in any way with the syndicate.

Race Based Organizations Each of the major races have a tendency to keep to themselves socially in Cynosure. There are fairly large organizations in charge of looking after each of their interests, the largest of which are the dwarven and elven groups.

The Coalition Human based organization “lobbying” for a more human Cynosure. Currently on the rise due to returning humans from the war. Intentions not entirely bad, fighting in some cases to regain human jobs for displaced veterans.

Minnmass here; I’ve found a couple of possible maps that could stand in for Cynosure fairly easily:

  • this one is technically on a river, but it would be easy enough to say that it’s more “on the delta”.
  • this other one has a couple of unfortunate bits of color (to help find the noted landmarks), but it has the advantage of actually being on a bay.

Cynosure The City

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