News 2

As the peace progress continues unrest in Cynosure is on the rise. The Coalition for Human Rights (the Coalition) has been making practically daily demonstrations many of which end in violence. With this in mind the city authorities have been increasingly sensitive to race based crime, with extra patrols throughout the racially mixed districts in the city.

The party has returned Cynosure with several weeks of downtime. Due to their open honesty with Contague the Cyndicate has become more friendly with the Safety Zone, and its social groups. With this in mind Crass and Sadler decided to take care of some business out of town leaving the party in charge of the Safety Zone for several weeks to come.

Dwakil looked to his faith and decided the Safety Zone lifestyle was not for him. While he is still on good terms with the party he prefers to remain a contact or inactive member. He owes much to the members of the party and will be available to them for the foreseeable future.

Enter Remigius “Remi” Deschain, Remi has joined the crew in operating for the Safety Zone. While many of the party knew of Remi, none actually know him. He was introduced to the group by Gordon via Crass & Sadler and has been working with them for roughly a week. He has yet to use the Oathstone. Those who know of him know he is trustworthy and assurances of such have been relayed down the command chain.

News 2

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