Cynosure Alternate Adventures

Alternate adventures, run by Minnmass.

What’s this?

First, this is not an end to Cynosure, nor a power grab by me. Rather, gingersupremacy asked if I’d be interested in running a couple of sessions when he needed to take a break to have time to plan ahead.

Alternate Adventures are just that: alternates. They are not meant to affect our Cynosurian characters (though it is possible that they’ll show up in tales NPCs tell of far-off goings-on). These interludes aren’t meant to reflect what our Cynosurian characters are doing during down time in the plot, there’s nothing to say that they’re happening in chronological order (though they probably will for convenience’ sake), etc…. These are times to try a weird class (or variant) that looks “cool” but could just suck in play. It’s also a time to play a bit with monstrous PCs if anyone has the interest to do so (most definitely not a requirement, though).

Alts will very much be more hack-n-slash than Cynosure tends to be. Your full-plate-wearing, dual-bastard-sword-wielding Orc Fighter is fine; a Beguiler (3.5 class that focuses on magics in social situations) is probably going to spend a lot of time waiting for the fighting to end.

The first adventure is titled the Necropolis of Pergia.

Necropolis of Pergia

Background Information

You are members of an existing party. You can be friends out exploring, mercenaries, convicts working black ops for the King, doesn’t matter.

You acquire the below scrap of parchment:

It is written of Garlenthatir, the greatest of the minotaur kings, that the key to his lost tomb lies in onyx and pearl. Bear such treasures to his crypt and they shall admit you to his great rewards, which have ever been sought but never found!

Some investigation points you to the likely location of the Necropolis, in the middle of the Wastes of Torenta (which are about 3 weeks away by horse, mostly through trackless forests; the adventure starts just as the Necropolis comes into view, regardless of how hard it actually may have been to get there).

More details can be provided if characters can make Diplomacy/Gather Information or Knowledge (History) checks. Magic (eg. Legend Lore) may also reveal information.

Character Creation

This is the time to try that weird class that looks interesting, or play something very unaligned to your preferred class (eg. it would be a good time for me to play a Barbarian; my favored class is Rogue, and there isn’t much that’s further away). Monstrous races are, in principle, okay; they’ll need some finessing, but this is a good time to see how things work.

Please post highlights in the forum.


(4d6, drop the lowest) 7 times, drop the lowest. Re-roll if your net bonus is less than +2 or no single stat is above 14. Rolling four 1s results in a 20 (before racial modifiers; yes, this means you can start with a stat of 22).

If your stats suck, we’ll talk about it.

Please ask questions in the forum.

Level and Wealth

The Necropolis is an adventure for 5th level characters. That means you’ll start with 10,500 gp. Arrival at the Necropolis is hand-waved, so you can fiat your method of travel to the starting location. If you want a mount during the adventure, you’ll need to acquire one through class abilities or by purchasing one.


Since this is something of a one-shot, there are two adjustments to purchases: single-use items (eg. scrolls and potions) cost 1.5x their normal cost, and charged items (eg. wands) must be purchased fully-charged.

While it’s not a requirement, I’d prefer that no more than 50% of your starting wealth be spent on any single item. That said, if you really want that Ring of Animal Friendship

Cynosure Alternate Adventures

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