A long and winding road
where's my shovel?

The party escorted Crass back to the previous sessions’s portal which, shockingly enough, was no longer there.

The Sandbox was entered.

The plot return-eth!
Loot, meet-n-greet, preparations...

Continuing after our last painful encounter, we explored into a wholly new locale, met some other cells, and prepared for an excursion with Crass himself.

mumble, grumble ratsum fratsum constructs

Through a maze of twisting passages, all alike, we were nearly eaten by a grue.

We must go deeper
full of sound and fury, signifying ...

After a well-deserved rest, we met at the Joy House for an extremely late breakfast, killed a few hours overnight, and returned to the One-Eyed Goblin Tribe’s house in search for more treasure.

...and back again
Adventure the first, part the second

The party coalesced (mostly, again), and returned victorious!

An Introduction
The First Session

Most of the party met, became enforced friends, and went on our first adventure.


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