Party Loot

party treasure


General Party Treasure:

Liquid Wealth

PP 0
GP 1020
SP 0
CP 0

Current GP total does not include items below labeled as “sold”.

Probably Important Items

Unknown Items

  • 3 oz of a pale amber substance, which radiates as magic
    • Sovereign Glue
    • Currently, the nature of the substance is not known to the party.
  • 2x ancient Cynosurian Halberd (sold, I believe)
  • 9x Ancient Cynosurian Religious Items (sold)
  • 1x Ancient Cynosurian Religious Icon (possibly to be sold to Dwakil’s Order)
  • 1x quarterstaff, possibly connected to a religious purpose
    • made of stone and metal
    • radiates magic
      • +1/+1
  • Several sets of Vestments, found with the aforementioned staff (probably to be sold to Dwakil’s Order or Xavin’s contact)

Flavor Items

  • the corpse of one Mithril Cobra
  • the corpse of one Warforged Gorilla
  • the important bits of the corpse of one Warforged Hydra (750 lbs worth)

Party Loot

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