Halfling Rogue, generally hiding as a kid/urchin/midget (hey; "dwarf" is already taken)


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Resources: 3 (a small room in the Safe Zone, near-ish Joy House, and some stuff – furniture, some furnishings, a few changes of clothes, etc.; nothing fancy, but nothing chintzy, either)
Contacts: 1 2 – Weston Kelsey (a dealer in rarities, an occasional fence, and a some-time employer – could be anywhere in Cynosure)
Influence: 1 (a small bit of pull with the thieves’ guild (Syndicate); definitely not the boss, but not a rookie by a long shot)

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Xavin came to Cynosure 7 years ago, fleeing a plague that ravaged his home village, not a penny to his name (fortunately for him, gems, works of art, and even gold pieces aren’t called “pennies”).

Xavin, like so many others, made his way in through the Bends. He took a look around, and realized quickly that The Joy House was the place to be. He finagled room and board in exchange for spending a few days a week doing odd jobs for the House (from helping in the kitchen when one of the cooks was ill to patrolling the Safety Zone). After proving himself for about 2 years, (Crass/Sadler/someone else from the House?) formally introduced Xavin to the local Guild (hoping to make him an emissary between the two?). There, Xavin quietly flourished.

Reserved (for a Halfling), and in a city where non-humans were … shunned … by most, Xavin quietly proved himself to the few who wouldn’t dismiss him out of hand. He often went out dressed as yet another young street urchin to get around without drawing too much attention to himself, and was careful only to reveal his true race to those he believed could be trusted.

Over the past 5 years, then, Xavin has slowly integrated with most of the staff at the Joy House, about a quarter of the Guild, and a fence willing to work with whoever can quietly get the goods. He’s established a comfortable, if small, home in the House, and has generally done fairly well for himself.

Medium-term goal: walk the fine line between working for Chodo Contauge and Crass&Sadler. Not so much “playing both sides against each other” as “getting the maximum benefit from both organizations without either one realizing he’s a risk and eliminating said risk”. Basically, he’s kinda waiting to see who’ll have the better offer, especially in terms of his long-term goal.

Very long-term goal: run the Syndicate (or its successor).


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