Rudy "Mastodon" Matherson


Background Points:


Rudy Matherson was born in the city of Cynosure to an affluent mother and poor father. His mother’s parents never approved of her relationship with his father, so when she contracted a fatal disease and passed away when Rudy was 13, they used their riches and influence within the city to make sure that he would never see his father again.
While he had everything he ever wanted being taken care of by his grandparents, he never forgot his father and the relationship they shared. His father had always taught him the importance of knowledge, so he spent all spare time in the library of the city’s university, reading and studying and taking in all he possibly could.
It was during this time that a lowly cleaner at the university who was a long-time friend of his father recognized him, and knowing the story of what had happened just 2 years prior, contacted Rudy’s father that night and told him he may know of a way that he might see his son again. The next day the cleaner gave Rudy’s father an extra uniform of his so that he could sneak him in to work with him, as an extra cleaner would not be noticed by anyone in the library, and it became a classic story of father and son reunited (and it feels so good).

To be continued soon…
(Was hoping to get this done while Eli was napping. Didn’t happen. I way need to manage my time better.)

Rudy "Mastodon" Matherson

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