Finkletort "Fink" Esielhorn

Finkletort Esielhorn, Gnome, Bard, Explorer, Performer, Extraordinary.


Finkletort has shortish blonde hair with hazel eyes. He usually wears a red Indiana jones style hat with a purple band and white feathers coming from the top. This hat goes with his signature outfit which consists of a white under shirt covered in a thin red vest along with a pair of baggy red pants. The entire outfit is made of a lightweight comfortable silk. He is always accompanied by his monkey ponchos, who wears black waistcoat and bowler hat during performances. Finkletort always has his rapier and whip strapped to his waist, along with alot of other random items he finds useful in his pack.

Background Points:


Finkletort “Fink” Nehamaikian Esielhorn was born to a pair of rich parents that are part of a royal lineage. The family is one of the leading royal lines within the Gnome homeland, being the sole controller of the shipping companies of the area and far reaches of the known world. Finkletort V, Finks father, lead Fink towards the seafaring and shipping path of their entire family. Fink was not interested in that much, rather spending his time reading and writing, playing with his pet monkey Ponchos, pet dog Puck, and going of on his little adventures with them. He also enjoyed using his innate magical skills to help him along these adventures.

Finks father still tried to put him on the path of the family, even knowing his disinterest to the field. Whenever his father talked about a new big thing to try to interest Fink in the family business, Fink would wander off for a few weeks exploring, often guiding others while on his travels as well. He actually made a name of himself doing this, quickly becoming widely known as a great explorer. He scribes maps while on these adventures, selling them to the townsfolk when he finally arrives home. On one of the adventures he actually lived with a rather friendly tribe of Kobolds for over a year, which lead to his first published book, “Kobold Endeavors Vol.1” which sold very successfully during its first run, and still sells at the top of the list.

As a last ditch effort to force Fink into the family business, his father passed down Maidens Sting, a family heirloom rapier, which has usually signified the passing of the company to the first born son, in this case, Fink. It was actually a very big ceremony, his entire family attended, as well as many members of the other royal families. Unfortunately for all of them, Fink took this as a final goodbye. He accepted the Rapier, collected what gold he had saved up, gathered some supplies, and set off on his own, with Ponchos and Puck at his side.

Finkletort, now finally able to use his full first name, has made a living writing books, guiding others through the wilderness and other terrain, making maps, and doing street performances of his adventures. He enjoys life now, although he does miss his family greatly, but to ashamed to return to them in fear of their disappointment in him be too much to handle. He has gotten by, making a few friends on the way, as well as some enemies. He seemed to have settled down in the Great City of Cynosure, working for a pair of men in the Safety Zone. He doesn’t enjoy the city much though, taking any chance possible to leave on an adventure when his attention is not need elsewhere.

Finkletort "Fink" Esielhorn

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