Dwakil Argent


Dwakil Argent
Dwarven cleric of the God of the Forge

Dwakil was born in the southern mountains. His mother was a smith of precious metals while his father was a bodyguard for one of the minor nobles. He has a twin sister who abandoned her dwarven duties and became a druid.
At a very young age he apprenticed to a blacksmith who taught him the basics of metalwork. He became adept at working common metals and found that he preferred making intricate designs on armor. He joined the clergy when the lord high priest of the forge called for more clergy. After the most basic of training he and the other young acolytes were sent off to Cynosure. This was 45 years ago, while he has left the city to visit his family, most of his time has been spent preaching, making tools, and building the respect of the other religions. His goal in the city is to show that the practical gods are the ones that people should be
When in righteous combat versus those that seek to end the dwarves Dwakil wears chainmail and bears a warhammer gifted to him by his master. His beard is protected by leather bands which are also worn when he is working at the forge. When wandering the streets he is clad in a chain shirt of his own making as well as a thick leather apron and jerkin that doubles as his clerical vestments. His staff is a stout branch of wood decorated with miniature tools and iron bands. As he walks proselytizing the tools interact with each other and jingle.
Aside from the religious ceremonies, Dwakil is very careful about drinking. This is not because he doesn’t like it, but that the blessings of his god tend to have the effect of combusting the liquid.
In order to help prove his God’s worth to the other religions Dwakil takes pride on making fine armor (and eventually fine weapons) for people. He will not give fine equipment to people as gifts, but will wait until they ask him for it. He is working on improving his skills so that Crass and Sadler (sp?) will ask him for equipment.
When he casts a fire spell it does not go through the air like a normal spell but rather it travels just under the surface from where he strikes the ground to his target.

Contacts 1: Father Corneleus
Family 1: Ties to the hold in the southern mountain, no family in the city
Influence 1 (Religion): The god of the forge is a comparatively minor deity but Dwakil is well known by a priest(ess) of the dominant religion
Influence 1(Family): While he did not go into something honorable (like being a warrior), his work is better than average for a dwarven smith (so family pride)
Resources 1: His family is not particularly wealthy for dwarves, but he is able to stay at the temple of the forge.

Dwakil Argent

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