Totally has grey eyes.


Rounded for Warlord abilities. STR and INT and CHA.

Abilities often give bonuses to nearby allies.
For example, allies w/in 10 squares get an initiative bonus.
One basic ability (Standard) lets an ally make an attack on my turn.


Clove grew up with the standard setbacks afforded to Teiflings. Common people are often fearful and suspicious due to their appearance and via rumors, and so therefore avoid contact with Teiflings. Makes it hard to get a job or make a decent barter at market.

Revealed Facts
Clove made himself a regular at the Joy House, and soon was able to land some work doing jobs for C&S.

He has had some military training, which started him on his “warlord” path.

He can be very diplomatic at times, no doubt thanks to constantly having to converse with people that are put off by his horns. And eyes. And tail. You gotta admit the tail is a little unsettling.


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