Well ... that happened

I thought Fink was good at fancy parties.

In an attempt to gather information and/or support in our bid to acquire the music box from (that guy, who’se name I forget), we wrangled Fink an entrance into a fancy party in which his wife was in attendance. Fink failed.

We then went the mercenary route, and got very much closer to the manor.

Fink was supposed to meet with Mrs. $NAME (who spends much of the summer in town, so she can enjoy society), and ascertain whether (a) she might help us attain the music box or (b) she might (inadvertently?) provide any assistance in acquiring it.

He failed horribly in the attempt.

So, he got us a ride with the riverboat captain currently also charged with finding him a pet turtle; conveniently, he was heading south to bring a caravan to market. We fought off a band of orcs, and will have about 3 days to get the box before he leaves to return to Cynosure.


gingersupremacy minnmass

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