We must go deeper

full of sound and fury, signifying ...

After a well-deserved rest, we met at the Joy House for an extremely late breakfast, killed a few hours overnight, and returned to the One-Eyed Goblin Tribe’s house in search for more treasure.

After our late return the previous evening, we all went home near dawn. 8-ish hours later, we met for breakfast (Xavin received word from his contact that a buyer for the artifacts previously delivered had been found, and that said buyer was interested in more – possibly even the location of our find). Sarge suggested that The Box should find a new home before too terribly long. Clove went off to meet with an academic acquaintance to see if he could shed any light on The Box, and is still deciding whether or not to bring it to him.

Xavin helped Dwakil Argent disassemble the lion’s share of the Mithril Cobra recovered the previous night, while Finkletort Esielhorn went street-walking, trying to find a good time.

Come morning, we reassembled to return to The Warrens – in particular, the One-Eyed Goblin Tribe‘s hold to seek out more Cynosurian Artifacts. The house on the surface was utterly empty, and the area immediately surrounding the trapdoor to the lower level was surprisingly empty (aside from a few rats, two of which now reisde in Finkletort’s pants, for no adequately explored reason). Four Goblin Dogs were locked up in a room off of the underground foyer, and we left them there.

The corridor off of the foyer was trapped and barricaded in a way that indicated something was being kept out, away from the trapdoor. The traps were easily discovered and bypassed, and the barricades were shifted such that restoring their usefulness would be fairly simple.

At the end of a long corridor, through a small gap resulting from a slight cave-in, we came to a truly enormous space in which an ape-shaped warforged (note: the reference is probably wrong) was found, somewhat damaged. We helpfully put it out of its misery, and decided to press onward, leaving the potentially valuable find where it lay to be picked up on our return journey.

It should be noted that, after going through the trapdoor, we seemed to be always travelling generally downward. Never terribly steeply, but always down.


I would like to point out that I was NOT looking for a good time, just trying to make some easy cash….

We must go deeper

So you were offering a good time to those who could afford it.

We must go deeper
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