The plot return-eth!

Loot, meet-n-greet, preparations...

Continuing after our last painful encounter, we explored into a wholly new locale, met some other cells, and prepared for an excursion with Crass himself.

Behind the hydra was primarily a tunnel to a Portal, which led (leads?) to what is probably a high-security vault. It appears to be the origin of The Box (or, at least, the place from which That Guy got it; filled with elaborate tracery (which Finkletort Esielhorn spent some time copying down), the room beyond the Portal opened to a hall off of which three other, identical rooms branched. Those three rooms all had boxes which were remarkably similar to The Box. We succeeded in getting one into Xavin‘s
Bag of Holding (into which it fit by virtue of being still closed), though it set off a trap and alarm: a lightning storm attacked immediately upon the box’s moving, and (what was probably) a guard came into the hall with 4 small balls that opened into yet more metal snakes.

We opted to avail ourselves of the Portal back, post-haste, the better to inform our employer of our findings and seek advice. We certainly were not “retreating”.

Upon our return to civilization, we found that nearly a whole extra day had been spent in the catacomb. We must remember this place for future use (crafting in particular could be aided by the extra apparent time afforded…).

Oh, yes: on the way out, we grabbed the mecha-monkey body, and managed to man-handle it into Cynosure somehow.

We then dispersed for a day, waiting for our appointment in the Joy House with Crass and Sadler. During that time, Xavin and Dwakil Argent met with Sadler briefly, to show him the new box, and ask advice. He quickly suggested not taking it out of the Haversack again, and offered that he’d look for a safe place to keep it. Xavin also brought a bunch of random stuff to his fence (see party loot for details).

At the meeting, we were introduced to Content Not Found: seriph (our new team member, per C&S) as well as 4 other cells: Lapsed Nobility, Shields of Knowlege, Blood Dumpster and The Wooden Nickel Crew. Inter-group Oathstone swearing was done, and each was given a smaller version thereof, in case it becomes needed.

During the meeting, it was revealed that The Safety Zone was contracting somewhat, and that the Syndicate may be getting wind of what C&S are doing. We should all be on guard.

The following morning, we met with Crass back at Joy House. He brought the new Box to a secret (and, apparently, safe) location, and we began preparing for another expedition through the Portal – this time, with Crass tagging along.


gingersupremacy gingersupremacy

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