So close, and probably so far.

We arrived at Crowser’s bazaar without further incident (the business with the noodle notwithstanding). We even managed to get an invitation to Drumstick’s estate; it’s very shiny.

The forrest gave way to farmlands, likely cultivated by serfs. Small buildings dot the landscape; they were later revealed to serve double duty as both shacks for the farmers to rest in and guard posts.

Xavin, Finkletort Esielhorn, and Seriph went to the Wilted Lily, the market town’s answer to the Joy House. There, Fink found a new admirer in the person of Stockard, a would-be adventurer who seems to have at least some skill. Stockard spent the evening following Fink around like a puppy, and wants desperately to help us on whatever we’re doing. Tough.

Xavin approached short-round, one of Drumlin’s employees in town. He explained that we’re interested in acquiring the music box from Drumlin, and opened the negotiations at 30k (of the 50k [[Contauge gave us for the purpose). Xavin and Seriph followed short-round home almost unseen; Fink stayed at the Lily, deep into his cups, with Stockard.

On the morrow, Xavin, Seriph, and Dwakil Argent all wandered the bazaar for a couple of hours. Xavin found a merchant selling Ancient Cynosurian Artifacts which he could probably make about a 20% profit on back in Cyonsure, though it may take some time for his contact to sell them. With a little help from Xavin, Dawkil found a decent source of special materials for crafting (Mithril, Adamantium, etc.); on the last day of the sale, we should be able to get a very good price. Anyway, while we were looking for Drumlin or short-round, the latter found Crowser and left a message asking for a meeting that afternoon back at the Lilly. We all went, and were invited to Drumlin’s estate.

It should be noted that short-round believes the music box may be destined for Contauge, despite our assurances that (a) we’re just traders, and (b) we work for C&S. Ah, Bluff. If that’s the case, Drumlin is unlikely to sell at any price.

And, what an estate it is. Larger than Contauge’s, and possibly more ornate, it features its own smithy, barracks for a dozen or so soldiers, servant’s shacks, and an imposing manor house, all encircled by an impressive wall (complete with guards on top).

Next time: we beg, buy, or steal the McGuffin!


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