mumble, grumble ratsum fratsum constructs


Through a maze of twisting passages, all alike, we were nearly eaten by a grue.

Continuing on where we left off last time, we continued exploring the One-Eyed Goblin Tribe’s under-building.

Of particular note, we found a group of goblins who were essentially dead, likely from encountering the ape-shaped warforged at the end of the previous entry. There were some signs of cannibalism, though we helpfully overlooked them. The one goblin that might have survived the night, crazy though he was, we let go to do what he would. There’s no possible way that could become a problem later, though, right?

Anyway, we found a few random artifacts, a few of which appeared to have some religious significance in Ancient Cynosure. Notes on collected loot is on the Party Loot page.

Then, we were nearly eaten by the grue, which took the form of a mecha-hydra. Thankfully, it didn’t have the chance to grow new heads…

We then retreated a short bit to the most defensible area we could find, and rested for the night.



gingersupremacy minnmass

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