Fancy Party

We came, we saw, we...

Cantage, head of the Syndicate, held a formal event, and we were invited!

There were dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs (or some other large, lizard-like creatures) were guards, which appeared to be native.

We went to celebrate Cantage’s daughter’s Coming Out party (in the “introduction to society” sense of the phrase), but she was a no-show. We left some nice gifts, though.

Cantage then sent us to acquire a small box held by a business rival on the other end of Cynosure.


WAG: there is no daughter; Cantage is under some delusion/compulsion/… which has implanted false memories.

Fancy Party

He must be crazy. Also the music box of interest is 4-5 days of travel out of the city to the south.

Fancy Party
gingersupremacy minnmass

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