*insert FF's leveling music here*

We dined, we discussed, we dickered, we dealt, we departed.

Short-Round (a.k.a. Jake Fisk) escorted us to a suite of rooms in Sir Walter Drumlin‘s estate in which we could clean up for dinner. Drumlin’s creature-servant (possibly a half-findish orc) escorted us to dinner (game birds, soup, and monkey brains – a local dessert which is, sadly, wholly void of monkey brains).

Over cognac, we discussed the music box. Drumlin presumed that we were after the box on behalf of Chodo Contauge (which, despite being because it’s true, is quite annoying), and refused on general principles to deal in cash. He did, however, offer that he might part with the box if Contauge were to be snubbed in some other manner.

Once he knew the purpose of the box, he even had a suggestion.

The music box is meant to be a gift to Contauge’s daughter (who may or may not actually exist). Drumlin agreed to sell the box for the 30k gp we initially offered if we agreed to drive a further wedge between Contauge and his daughter. To that end, Drumlin gave Xavin a list of names to investigate. Of course, if a wedge wasn’t evident, Drumlin would show his displeasure to us directly (if not personally), and our next-of-kin would get to see our wills earlier than we would have planned.

We talked it over a bit, and agreed to do as Drumlin asked. … and (most likely) to tell Contauge the whole story as soon as is practical.

There are a few lingering questions to be discussed; I’ve created a forum thread for that purpose, and will fill this in with the results.

We have a month of down-time to do as we please, we ding’ed to 4th level, and we got another Background Point, which can also be put into the new Minion background (effectively, gaining Leadership’s cohort without the gobs of followers).


There are some forum posts about changes to the campaign. Also if you want to use pre-existing characters as either lackey’s or contacts that would be great.

gingersupremacy minnmass

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