Chapter 3, part 1

Who's that now?

After some down time, Crass and Sadler took advantage of a lull in “hostilities” with The Syndicate to go off on a holiday, leaving us in charge (for no adequately explored reason).

We mostly succeeded.

More correctly, C&S took the opportunity to run a few errands to which they were unable to attend while maintaining their presence in the Safety Zone. We’re still not sure why Gordon wasn’t left in charge, though.

After an uneventful week, we were holding down the fort while Sarge and Puddle went out shopping for the evening’s fare. In a truly epic display of bad timing, the Joy House was assaulted by 8 duergar, half of which we dispatched handily (the other half of which Sarge apparently dispatched just as quickly). They seem to have been chasing a fairly-well-off servant-type impersonating a mysterious woman, clearly important to the plot . Said woman was clutching (protecting, seeking safety for) a The Bead . Sadly, she died before we were able to help him.

Of note: One of the duergar was rendered unconscious; he was slain by one of his fellows during combat, quite intentionally.

We helped Puddle and Sarge clean up the mess, and sent a message to Dwakil Argent to see to any Last Rites that may need to be performed; we then followed the duergar’ tracks back to The Bend, where the tracks were lost. Xavin recruited a handful of Syndicate members to keep an eye out and report back to the Joy House if more were seen. Likewise, Remigius “Remi” Deschain activated his hobo-net. We did learn that they had been seen with a pair of women, one of which matched the man who had died in the Joy House.

We returned to the Joy House in time for Gordon to harangue us a bit about the obvious lack of safety in the Safety Zone. We filled him in on what was going on; he pointed out that we could reach out to the other cells to see if they had seen anything interesting. We sent messages.

Shortly thereafter, the deceased woman who had turned into a deceased man (and whose corpse was in the dumpster out back) walked in the front door. Xavin engaged her in conversation and learned that she claims to be the daughter of a king who is currently occupying an old duergar fortress; apparently, there’s a bead necklace which will somehow help him to keep the fort. Apparently, there’s a witch who is key to her getting the necklace, but who cursed the father for some thus far unknown reason. (Josh: you may wish to clean this up a bit)

Clearly in need of a safe place to rest, Xavin offered a room back at his place. He specifically informed Finkletort “Fink” Esielhorn, Rudy “Mastodon” Matherson and Sarge (the three of whom he also specified as being friendly/helpful types) that he was doing so.

New, Post-Session Content

Upon arriving at his home, Xavin showed Chica to her room (complete, of course, with the 10ยข tour). He listened for a short term to attempt to satisfy himself that she wasn’t going to immediately communicate with anyone via magic, then sent the following note to Fink, via a random Syndicate (I assume he’s usually under at least general surveillance) courier (sealed, of course, with wax):

I’ll keep the Lady occupied as well as possible tomorrow, though that likely means I’ll be hard-pressed to meet with either group with whom we had discussed meeting. Remi: if I’m not in, the object will be behind Mordecai’s little accident.

I think $NAME is asleep, so I can’t ask what she might want to do, though I’d imagine she’d lean towards either finding the source of our new infestation or the remainder of our new toy. I’ll send a runner with our plans to the Joy House if I can, but I can’t guarantee anything.

I’ll be up for a couple of hours; if you come up with any plans in that time, please send a message.

Because he can, Xavin forged the note, making it look like Fink wrote it himself; he did, however, sign it with his own name (in what appears, to the casual observer, to be Ponchos’ attempt at writing). He used his own seal on the wax.


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