A long and winding road

where's my shovel?

The party escorted Crass back to the previous sessions’s portal which, shockingly enough, was no longer there.

The Sandbox was entered.

Surprising nobody, the portal to the aforementioned vault was no longer there. Shortly past its previous location, however, were the remains of what was likely the room from wich The Box was taken (or, possibly, one of the mirror images). Crass spent some time investigating, then we escorted him back to The Wooden Nickle. Dwakil Argent and Xavin brought the notable religious artifacts to his temple to see if they might be able to shed light on their origin (and buy them off of us) while Finkletort Esielhorn and Seriph waited at the Nickel for a pair of Bags of Holding we were borrowing from Crass.

We brought said bags back into the One-Eyed Goblin Tribe’s sub-basement to recover as much of the Warforged Hydra as possible. We succeeded in claiming everything that appeared to be of value, returned to town, and went to bed (it being late).

Before bed, we did take supper at Joy House, which had a rather nervous undercurrent throughout. A representative of the Syndicate stopped in for dinner.

Oh, and we scared off a minor attack of The One Eyed Goblin and some new recruits.

Next day, Dwakil and Xavin brought the religious artifacts to the mainline Human temple to see if they had any interest (not so much) then to Weston Kelsey, who bought the random stuff (Dwakil’s temple having the Right of First Refusal on the Vestments and related Icon). Meanwhile, Finkletort and Seriph went off in search of a pet turtle for Finkle (during which search, Ponchos got the pair kicked out of one pet shop by … showing interest … in another monkey for sale, and the police followed the pair of humanoids to a tavern where they had lunch).


gingersupremacy minnmass

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